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Everyone loves a good deal. It’s such a British thing and that’s why when I found out you could buy lunch at Boots for a pound using O2 Priority, I was pretty excited. 

A whole lunch for £1 – what a bargain! Or was it?

Let me paint the picture for you. A busy Manchester lunchtime, queues coming out of the door at Boots, and people crowded around, frantically trying to connect to free WiFi so they could download their lunchtime offer code.

Once downloaded, you only have 5 minutes to use the code. Essentially, you have to rush to grab your lunch and make it to the front of the queue. All in all, it’s not the most relaxing experience.

Even worse is that I feel the experience is actually stopping me going to Boots, apart from when I need to buy toiletry essentials. In essence this should be a pretty cool brand tie-up, but the truth is the experience is letting it down.

The customer experience is the heart of the brand

Now I appreciate it won’t be the same experience at every Boots store in the country, but there’s a lesson to be learned here. People don’t remember what brands do, they remember how the experience made them feel, and the customer experience is now at the heart of the brand.

When looking at new promotions and offers, you need to think more than just the value for money proposition. Think about how the experience will make your customer feel and what the impact will be on repeat business and brand loyalty.

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