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What are people actually like?

Well, Gogglebox lets you in on a few secrets. For such a simple concept it’s so rich in insight, and all it is, if you haven’t seen it, is a programme on Channel 4 where you watch people watching TV.

It’s a great programme for seeing people in their natural habitat, from the speed in which the public judge others, to how they are not convinced by anything and the way they are unwittingly hypocritical.

All this while cracking jokes and eating in the comfort of their own home.

But my question is, how do we get to this level of truth in research?

In our industry, we can always strive to conduct more in-depth research, and I think, in a roundabout way, Gogglebox shows how this can be done.   

It shows that to get the best out of your research, it’s about getting people relaxed and having some fun while you’re at it. 

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