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Technology is now a major part of the purchase process. Nowadays, consumers use their mobile devices to browse, either in-store or at home before they go ahead and buy.   

This is proven when looking at the eCustomerServiceIndex report which tells us that 47% of people now use their mobile to check prices online whilst in a physical store, a development that would have been unheard of a few years ago.

Although in the business world we describe these as different channels and in some cases even business units; customers aren’t aware of their move from online to retail – they’re being themselves, simply undertaking their part of the customer journey.

These changes in customer interaction with technology should make us think how we can create a seamless customer experience and make sure different channels work together.

Therefore, we must stop being preoccupied with ‘channels’ and consider the individual, always remembering to respect customers as rounded people – not just segmented silos for a ‘channel’.

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